History of The Courthouse Inn B&B

The Norris House is a two story Queen-Anne style home located just north of the historic Red River County Courthouse at 506 North Walnut Street. The house was completed in 1889. H.I. Norris was the original owner of the house and members of his family resided in the home for over 60 years.

Mr. Norris owned and operated the Trans-Continental Saloon on the square in downtown Clarksville for several years. At that time, Red River County was a thriving, cotton-producing area and the saloon flourished. In ____, when a wet-dry vote was taken and county residents voted to become a “dry” county, Mr. Norris left Clarksville and moved East into Bowie County. He gave the house to his spinster daughter, Louise Norris.

Louie, as she was known to the local residents, was a woman far ahead of her time. She kept a horse in the stable behind the house and she rode daily. She usually wore riding breeches or pants and had a fondness for small cigars. Few were the times that a German shepherd dog was not by her side. Louie has a reputation for being an accomplished pianist and she was not skimpy with expletives. Louie turned the house into a rooming house as a means of support. Many changes were made to the house in the early years of this century in order to accommodate the many guests that found rest here.

Because the house is located just two blocks South of the old depot, many traveling salesmen were among her guests. By the 1930s, the Norris House became a popular residence for many newly-wed couples and many of these are still living in Clarksville. Photographs of some of them are in the gallery off the dining room.

Your hosts, Cheryl and Perry O’Brian, Jr. enjoy sharing the historical background of their town and will accommodate you in any way possible.

We would love to have you stay with us, but if you cannot, please stop and see us and the Inn when visiting downtown Clarksville.

The Courthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast

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