Allen Lumber Company

Allen Lumber Co
301 W. Broadway
Clarksville, TX 75426

Red River Chamber of Commerce Member Since 2000

Allen Lumber Company was founded by J. W. Allen and today it is operated by the third and fourth generation of Allens’. Billy Sam is the third generation and his son, Paul is the fourth generation.

Allen Lumber Company carries a complete line of building materials, can cut glass and thread pipe, and can handle your special requirements.

We offer a complete line of cattle feeders at very affordable prices.

Allen Lumber 8 and 12 foot Mineral Feeders

8 and 12 foot Mineral Feeders (click for more details)


Allen Lumber 12 foot Hopper Feeder

12 foot Hopper Feeder (click for price and details)


In addition to our product line above we carry the calf Creep Feeder.

The creep feeder is designed to provide access to the calves up to 400 pounds while limiting access to the larger yearlings and cows.

The feeder will hold approximately 1000 pounds of creep feed. The feeder is mounted on oak skids for easy placement anywhere in the pasture.

The Calf Creep Feeder is priced at $525.

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