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We invite you to join the Historic Red River Chamber of Commerce.

We need you to help us shape the future of Red River County and all of our communities.

There are individual and business memberships available. Click here to download the membership form.

The Chamber is an effective volunteer, nonprofit organization committed to helping solve today’s complex business and community problems. You as a business or professional person have a stake in this area and you can best safeguard your interests by working with others through the Chamber. We promote an environment that can maximize your business potential and profitability.

We don’t just talk about the future we work to shape it and we believe you want to help shape Red River County’s future, also! That’s why we need you and you need us. Together we can blend our talents to insure a better community for all of us.

A host of volunteers will work with you and for you to see your community dreams turn into a reality. The many separate activity areas will assist you as your business, industry, tackles today’s problems and grasps tomorrow’s opportunities.

The greatest value of membership in the Chamber is derived from its successful programs to solicit new business and improve the economic climate and quality of life in Red River County. These programs lead to a healthy, expanding economy which creates more demand for goods and services and ultimately benefits every business and professional person in the area.

There are also direct services to members that meet the specific needs of business. These include:

  • Providing tools to boost your profits that include statistical data, listing in the Red River County Chamber’s Business Directory.
  • Making your voice heard in the decisions that affect your business.
  • Gaining strength in numbers for support of activities in behalf of business. At the Red River County Chamber, you will find many like-minded business people who are ready to work for what they feel will benefit the community.
  • Improving the quality of life by improving education, supporting cultural and recreational programs, working for better highways, and other important community needs.
  • Affording the opportunity for your personal commitment by becoming involved in one of the many action oriented program areas.
  • Gaining increased business credibility through your customer’s assurance that you’re a reputable business working to make Red River County a better place to live and work.
  • Being better informed through timely mailings on subjects of vital interest to your business.
  • Making valuable business contacts and networking opportunities through attending Chamber functions such as grand openings and ground breakings.
  • Upgrading your business knowledge through participation.
  • Assessing useful information such as calendar of Events, and promotional brochures.
  • Promoting your community through your many business contacts outside of our area, you can be a significant contributor to the development of your community.

Our communities are what we make them. Join us. You can help.

There are individual and business memberships available. Click here to download the membership form.

Contact us to get started!

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