COVID-19-Ammended-Declaring a State of Local Disaster

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Invenergy Solar Development N.A.

One South Wacker st. Suite 1800
Chicago, Il. 60606

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Flash Oil Change & Auto Service

1305 W.Main St. Clarksville, Tx 75426
Find us on facebook: Flash Oil Change

Brakes, Oil Changes, and Auto Service.

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TGM-The Garbage Man

TGM-The Garbage Man
P.O.Box 1863
Paris, TX 75461
Owner Todd Lehenbauer

TGM is a Veteran owned, rural county based, customer oriented waste management, garbage/trash service.

Trash Out Services:
Clean out of Various property types; foreclosures, buildings, etc.

Business/Commercial Trash Service:
Customer oriented trash service picked up once per week. Contact office for prices.

Residential Trash Service:
Customer oriented trash service picked up once per week

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2 day ride 115 early

2-day ride $125 regular(b)

(c) s day ride late $135

(d) 4 day ride late $280

(e) 4 day regular $255

4 day early?

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2020 Cancelled–Red River County Fair

Annual Red River County Fair sponsored by the Fair Association

Fair parade is Wednesday, September 18th at 5pm.

Clarksville/Red River County

Description- rides, food booths, entertainment, livestock auction, exhibits and judging

Cost- Fair is free to the public

Check in on Tues for exhibits .
Judging at 9 on Wed for exhibits.
Entertainment at 7:00 each night. Rides shut down at 10:30p.m.

Location- Hwy 82 East, 1159- Fairground Rd, Clarksville, Texas 75426

Contact- Red River County Extension Office at 903-427-3867

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09/07/2019–Red River County Stew Cook-off

Date: September 7, 2019

Food! Music! Auction! Fun!

Do NOT miss this event!

Red River County Stew Cook-off, sponsored by the fair association.
At the Red River County Fairgrounds in Clarksville/Red River County.

Stew cook-off, bake-sale and auction.

This is a fund raiser for the fair Red River County fair and is well worth attending.

More stew than you can possibly eat! Savory, mouth-watering competition stews. Master stew-makers from around Red River county come together to attempt to out-cook each other for the coveted winning title!

Buy a bowl, and you get to sample any/all/as much of the stews as you can handle. Anyone is eligible to enter!

Cost-Stew $5 gets you a bowl and you can sample as much stew as you can hold.

Drinks $1.00.


Stew begins serving at 5:00 p.m., but come on out early to chat with the cooks, preview the auction or donate items to be auctioned.

Come join the fun and enjoy the stew!

There will be an auction of many donated items, food, jewelry, quilts, and many more wonderful items from area residents starting around 6 pm.

The winners of the Stew Cook-off will be announced after the auction.

Location Hwy 82 East, Clarksville, Texas.

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Call  903-427-3868 for more information!

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Whistle Stop Inn Bed & Breakfast



Henry and Minnie Ritchey and their five children arrived by train from Carpenter, Mississippi in 1912. Henry went to work and helped build Stave Mill on Pine Creek on the Red River, white oak was used to make barrel staves. In 1917 he began farming and was a sharecropper for almost 30 years in the Detroit area. Henry bought his first team of mules named Dan and Whitehouse that same year. He owned eight mules and trained mules for other farmers. He used his mules daily to work the farm. Henry and Minnie retired and bought the Lee Coursey home place in 1937. Minnie saved up her egg money and was able to purchase additional acres over time to what is now the 6.5 acres that has been in the Ritchey family over 80 years. The train ran right in front of the farm and Minnie feed many travelers that stopped in.
?It was told that travelers had written on the boxcar wall, “Food, Ritchey’s, Detroit”. Minnie never turned anyone away, she always considered it an honor and a blessing.

Welcome to Whistle Stop Inn.


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Rehoboth Farms

Rehoboth Farms

Originally known years ago as the Parchman Pecan Farm and then The Old Ellis Place, we are now Rehoboth Farms named from Genesis 26:22.  We still offer the same great pecans and will have new varieties in the future.  Our happy free range chickens lay beautiful eggs that are the best in the solar system.  We will have berries, fruit and vegetables in season.  Call and come out or we can deliver locally.  Rehoboth is located near the airport just five minutes from the downtown square.

Debra Kleemeyer

Jeff Kleemeyer

727 Farm Rd 909
Clarksville, TX 75426

903-427-8196 (leave message)

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Church of Christ of Clarksville, TX

Church of Christ (Clarksville, TX)

Preacher: Randy Miller

2405 W Main St
Clarksville, TX 75426

Ph: 903-249-1181


Sunday Bible Study at 9:30 am

Sunday Worship at 10:15 a.m. and 5 pm

Wednesday Bible Study at 7 pm


2nd Sunday Luncheon immediately following morning worship Afternoon worship at 12:45pm




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