PRIDE Creek Walk and Fireman’s Park

Work has been recently completed on Fireman’s Park, which serves as a family picnic area and park for visitors. A pavilion has been built by the Clarksville Rotary Club for barbecues and cooking. This park serves as the anchor for the Historic Creek Walk.

PRIDE Historic Creek Walk, a six-block scenic and historic walkway along Delaware Creek adjacent to Clarksville’s Central Business District. This pathway connects officially recognized historical sites located on or near the Delaware Creek, US 82, SH 37 and FM 909/910. The Creek Walk is lighted with period-style lighting and pedestrian benches are located along the walk upon which to relax and enjoy the sites. The Historic TP Lake Bridge, a historic foot bridge, is situated across one block of the walk. The Historic Creek Walk is maintained by PRIDE, a local civic organization.

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